Village Automotive Steps to a SafeEnvironment

With COVID disrupting and transforming everything in our world, businesses have to adjust and change. When you are ready to come in to get a new vehicle, or when you need service or parts, we need to have created an environment where our customers feel welcome and safe. Here are the steps we have taken to get there:

Employee - Customer Interaction

  • First and foremost, we need to have a coordinated plan in place to make sure our new operating plans are implemented. Each store in Village has a dedicated COVID Safety Officer who is in charge of maintaining a safe workplace.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for anyone reporting to work: if any employee or a member of their household is sick or has any COVID symptoms in the prior 24 hours, the employee must stay home. No exceptions.
  • The same goes for visitors - customers or vendors or anyone else: we ask you to postpone your visit if you are sick or have been in contact with anyone else who is sick.
  • Everyone in our locations is required to wear a mask/covering over their mouth and nose.
  • Individuals are required to practice social distancing by maintaining a minimum distance of 6-feet from other individuals at all times. The 6-foot rule applies to all activities, including entering and exiting the building, stairwells and elevators. People should be aware and courteously give others wide berths when passing in these areas.
  • Physical barriers are used in all customer-facing areas if a 6-foot distance cannot be adhered to. For example, clear plastic screens are installed at receptionist desks and at service-writer counters where it is feasible. If screens are not available, then tape or a barrier is applied 6-feet away from the area; this indicates where people should stand to practice proper social distancing (aka, the "Social Distancing Line").
  • Sales consultations desks are set up so that salespeople and customers can sit at least 6-feet apart from one another.
  • Any business office/F&I consultations will take place behind plastic barriers if available. If not, these interactions will take place on the sales floor or in a larger space, where the parties can sit at least 6-feet apart from one another.
  • Remote check-out and signing options are implemented where available. You can always check out over the phone and pick your car up after hours. And you can always drop you car off after hours.
  • Sales and service appointments are heavily emphasized so that walk-in or drop-in traffic is minimized.

Cleaning Practices

  • Enhanced cleaning methods are used on all frequently touched surfaces in our stores. This includes efforts by store staff as well as a professional cleaning crew which visits our stores during the work day. Each facility is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized every night after hours as well.
  • Loaner cars, demos and test drive cars are thoroughly cleaned before each use. Seat and steering wheel covers and paper floor mats are used at all times when a customer's car is in for service. Keys are disinfected before the customer takes possession.

Common Areas

  • Only (1) person may ride in an elevator at any one time.
  • Social distancing is encouraged via signage in common areas such as lobbies, stairwells and hallways.
  • In waiting areas, chairs and seating have been removed so that customers will only be able to sit at least 6-feet apart from one another.
  • Popcorn machines, plates of pastries or bagels, shared containers for sugar or creamer, etc... are all removed. Snacks, sugar, creamers are offered in individual/single-serve packages. Coffee and water stations are cleaned during the day. Water fountains are no longer accessible.
  • All toys and play sets are removed.
  • All magazines, newspapers and literature have been removed from the waiting areas.

Note: a copy of our COVID Operating Procedure is available upon request.

This is a new world for all of us, so please let us know if you have questions, comments or concerns. We hope you are safe and healthy, and we look forward to serving you when you are ready to visit.

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