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Return your Nissan lease to North Shore Nissan, even if you didn't lease from us!

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Nissan Lease‑End Options

Are you approaching the end of your current Nissan lease? If so, you may be wondering what your next steps are with returning your lease. As you get towards the end of your Nissan's lease terms, it is a good idea to think about what your lease-end options are, especially if you have 6 months or less remaining. At North Shore Nissan, rest assured that we can assist you in making a decision that is right for you.

The following options are available to you, even if you lease from somewhere else:

Replace your leased Nissan

1. Replace your leased Nissan

This option is not only easy, but it means you drive off our Danvers, MA Nissan Dealership lot in a brand new Nissan. Our specialists will work with you and all current available incentives to get you a great deal when you lease or purchase a new Nissan model. A new vehicle means you get to take advantage of the newest technology and convenient features that Nissan has to offer. In order to turn your lease in, you will need to schedule a vehicle inspection in advance, contact us and we will be happy to make an appointment for you to come in!

Purchase your leased Nissan

2. Purchase your leased Nissan

Do you love your Nissan? You can purchase your leased Nissan at any point in time during your contract, or you can choose to purchase your Nissan at the end of your lease period. When you purchase your leased Nissan, there is no need to have your vehicle inspected, but we do have low financing rates and extended protection plans available to you for peace of mind. Please contact us today so we can discuss all of your available options.

Turn in your leased Nissan

3. Turn in your leased Nissan

Return your leased Nissan to us, even if you decide not to lease or purchase a new Nissan. You will need to schedule an inspection ahead of time, and you will be responsible for any remaining payments, excess mileage, excess wear and tear, and any other end-of-term obligations that were specified in your lease agreement. Schedule your inspection, and we will make turning your Nissan in as easy as possible!

Do you want to return your leased Nissan early?

Don’t miss your chance to return ANY Nissan model, from ANY dealership, for ANY lease term.

We help Nissan customers trade out of their current lease contract all of the time. If you are ready to turn your Nissan lease in early, please contact us and we can discuss what your available options are. It doesn't matter where your Nissan lease originated from, our Massachusetts Nissan dealership, is here to help you and provide you with multiple options. Contact us today to learn more.

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Are you looking for lease‑end options for your Nissan lease in Massachusetts?

Regardless of where you originally leased your Nissan from, our Danvers, MA Nissan Dealership can assist you with returning your lease as well as help you decide what Nissan model will be the best fit for your future. Schedule a Nissan lease return inspection at our Danvers, MA location and we can go over all available options. You may decide to lease a new Nissan, purchase your current Nissan, or just return your Nissan to us. If you are looking to terminate your Nissan lease early, we also have a variety of ways to work with you. Stop by our Nissan Dealership located in Danvers, MA or give us a call for further assistance.